Digital transformation is changing everything - we send emails instead of letters, book our holidays online, save pictures of them in the cloud and stream our favourite music on the side. Video calls are replacing face-to-face meetings, taxis come by app and even our food is in the electronic shopping basket. Everything is digital. Digitalisation is shaping and accelerating our lives and work in the 21st century. It is changing business models, opening up completely new customer experiences and revolutionising our work processes. Companies of all sectors and sizes are realising the opportunities of digital transformation. But it is not always clear how to get off to a good start. And this is exactly where DocuWare can help.

Your platform for productivity

Successful digitalisation depends crucially on the flow of information within the company. Document management and workflow automation: DocuWare is the platform with which you can securely capture, process and utilise business information in a targeted manner. Increase the productivity of your organisation, protect valuable company knowledge and start the digital transformation with a good feeling.

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Find documents with security - put an end to scattered information. With DocuWare, you can bring together scanned documents, files from any programme, emails and their attachments or data captured online in a central, secure and searchable archive. Every business document is welcome: Invoices and delivery notes, project-related plans, letters and minutes as well as personnel documents from application forms to payslips. Automatic indexing recognises key information and turns filing and retrieval into highly efficient processes. Everything is organised and stored securely.

Ensure smooth processes - Simplify and speed up document-related tasks with automated workflows. Regulate processing steps, adapt them spontaneously to changing requirements and react immediately to exceptions. New documents or a changed status immediately trigger the relevant process steps, which are linked to fast digital workflows. Every detail in the process is transparent and can be traced exactly at any time. A newly entered invoice, for example, is immediately available for approval, is then posted and prepared for payment. Automatic data synchronisation with the ERP completes the indexing - without manual data entry, searching or waiting.

Utilise your information in a targeted manner - empower your employees to make faster and better decisions: With DocuWare, all information about a customer, a project or a business transaction is available in context within seconds. Access documents from any web browser or mobile device. Link the content to data in your ERP, HCM or CRM to use it in the right business context. And share information with colleagues directly or within a web portal. No matter when and where you make your decisions: DocuWare ensures that your information is up to date.

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