Document management

In almost all areas it is now essential to integrate paper-based documents into electronic workflows. With the large amount of information that is processed daily in companies, access and response time plays an important role and affects the efficiency of work processes continuously. Toshiba offers solutions for digitization and seamless integration into a document management system. Powerful modules connect paper documents and data with the desired applications. Scanned documents are searchable and prepared for digital storage. The data can be easily processed using Office programs such as Microsoft Word or Excel.

Security management

With enterprise-wide networking and the possibility of accessing information at any time and from anywhere, security management is becoming increasingly important. Particularly during the times of increasing digitization of data, the unauthorized access to data and network interventions must be stopped. Toshiba offers a range of security solutions that keep sensitive data confidential.

System management

Toshiba's powerful software solutions provide a variety of features to streamline processing and print output. In addition to cost savings, the process optimization also optimizes internal workflows. Network multifunctional systems and printers are monitored centrally and error and status messages are forwarded to selected users via e-mail. An automated recording of the counter readings reduces the time and personnel expenses.

Integration management

The integration of the multifunctional systems into the work processes of a company is essential for efficient work processes. The open-platform technology from Toshiba simply links the e-STUDIO systems to intelligent applications: Individual integration solutions are perfectly integrated into the company's applications.


Toshiba solutions work smoothly together and create a countable value - for process optimization and cost reduction.

More information about our solutions and possibilities can be found in the areas of document management, security management, system management and integration management.